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Anker 1


Made from vintage glass bowls. Specially developed and tailored construction for each mirror. The glass bowls are directly fixed on the wall, the mirrors are fixed by magnets.

218d I.jpg
155a light pink - blue II.jpg
177f III.jpg

Saturn 218d (sold)

298,- €  in Germany

Set Saturn 155a ppb

820,- € in Germany

Saturn 177f (sold)

298,- € in Germany

187e IIII.jpg

Saturn 187e

321,- €  in Germany

219d IIII.jpg

Saturn 219d

321,- €  in Germany

2211a IIII.jpg

Saturn 2511a (sold)

525,- €  in Germany

238b 6.jpg

Saturn 238b

428,- €  in Germany

146c 5.jpg

Saturn 146c (sold)

333,- €  in Germany

137b III.jpg

Saturn 137b (sold)

333,- €  in Germany

Set 3b-137b-177f-187e I.jpg

Saturn Set 3b (sold)

952,- €  in Germany

1910ab III.jpg

Saturn 1910ab (sold)

333,- €  in Germany

2310a III.jpg

Saturn 2310a (sold)

428,- €  in Germany

187b III (12)_edited.jpg

Saturn 187b (sold)

298,- €  in Germany

155a light pink IIII_edited_edited.jpg

Saturn 155a light pink

275,- €  in Germany

155a amber III.jpg

Saturn 155a amber

275,- €  in Germany

188b IIII.jpg

Saturn 188b

298,- €  in Germany

155a light blue IIII.jpg

Saturn 155a light blue

275,- €  in Germany

Set 2a-1810bb-1910ab II.jpg

Saturn Set 2a (sold)

666,- €  in Germany

126a-126b-137a-155a-155a I.jpg

Saturn Set 6a (sold)

1.690,- €  in Germany

137a-155a-155a-167b-169a-177f II.jpg

Saturn Set 6b (sold)

1.871,- €  in Germany

Set 3c-187e-219d-2310a II.jpg

Saturn Set 3c (sold)

1.071,- €  in Germany

Floating glass bowls and mirrors - invisible construction

The vintage glass bowl is easily and securely attached to the wall. A hole was drilled in the glass bowl and a metal sleeve was inserted. This allows the glass bowl to be invisibly attached to the wall with a screw and a dowel. The mirror is held magnetically and can be removed with the enclosed suction cup to clean the glass bowl.

Funktionsprinzip Saturn.jpg
155a light pink 3D.png




glass bowl


detail (12) I.jpg


metal bush

suction cup



glass bowl



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