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Anker 1


The wall mirrors objects play with translucent and light-conducting panes of Plexiglas, which in their arrangement create beautiful optical effects and a sculptural character.

Daddy III.jpg
Anto IIIII.jpg
Heros III.jpg


640,- €  in Germany

Set Anto

1.620,- €  in Germany


640,- €  in Germany

Angels_Birds_Tonight IIII.jpg

Set Anbito

2380,- €  in Germany

Angels IIIII.jpg


760,- €  in Germany

Tonight IIII.jpg


850,- €  in Germany

Birds III.jpg


760,- €  in Germany

Cadabi IIIIb.jpg

Set Cadabi (sold)

2.050,- €  in Germany

Candy IIII.jpg

Candy (sold)

640,- €  in Germany

Sunday IIII.jpg


595,- €  in Germany

Perfect IIII.jpg
760,- €  in Germany

Reduced forms create fascinating wall sculptures, a play with translucently, ambient light and color.


The mirror objects float in front of the wall and create fascinating sculptures full of positive energy through color, light and translucency and are "last but not least" mirror on the wall. Depending on the ambient light, the appearance changes with more or less luminous edges and interesting color effects.


The floating effect was made possible by a special attachment to the wall. A new technique that combines a thread with a magnet allows a simple and very beautiful, visually reduced attachment to the wall.

Funktionsprinzip 3d.png

The special fitting is attached to the wall with a dowel. The sculpture only needs to be turned, like a screw, into the fitting.

Especially for this series a fitting was developed which allows its own attachment of the sculpture and the attachment of the sculpture to the wall in the same axis. This means that only one dowel is needed in the wall.

Once the fitting is fixed to the wall, only the mirror sculpture (with the threaded rod sticking out) needs to be turned into the fitting on the wall. As soon as the magnet reaches its counterpart, the connection is fixed.

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