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Beside my work as a freelance designer for exclusive furniture labels, I had the dream to create a small own collection of unique pieces and limited editions. I wanted to create objects which gives a home a highlight, with a very strong soul and identity. One day in an antique shop, during the winter in 2014, I understood vases not as products but as forms you can play with.... as segments of a sculpture..... Fascinated from this idea of repurposing, I bought about 200 vases in the next weeks. This was the starting point of an unique experiment which brought me on the way to the first extraordinary series, the "small tables". The first presentation was 2016 in Berlin at the DMY - international design festival. Today I have a collection of about 1800 vases and bowls which helps me to create works on a high level. 

In the meantime the "small mirrors" became a part of the collection.


The sofa "movie" for the swiss brand "Interprofil" (today: ip design - jab anstoetz) was my breakthrough to the premium furniture world. The "B flat" for the dutch brand Leolux, is an award winning design classic, successful for 15 years.  For many years I was permitted and very happy to work for several very good brands.  

To be established is positive but it is as well negative, in a way. After the birth of my twins I grabbed the chance to make a longer timeout, using to reflect and develop new visions for my work. At this time I was remembered to my dream of a small own collection which is my most important task now. In the future my industrial design will be influenced by my work as a designer maker.


2006: Nominated for the Interior Innovation Award Cologne   /   2007: RED DOT design award winner, Design Zentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen   /   2009: Nominated for the Interior Innovation Award Cologne   /   2010: Nominated for the Interior Innovation Award Cologne   /   2016: DMY - international design festival - jury selection award 2016



Imm Cologne, Germany  /  Salon de Mobile Milan, Italy  /  Designers` Saturday Langenthal, Switzerland  / Woonbeurs Amsterdam, Netherlands  /  Vienna Design Week, Austria  /  Kortrijk Xpo, Belgium  /  DMY Berlin, Germany

Gallery Johannes Schwab, Wertheim, Germany ; Gallery Raumwerk, Munich, Germany, Gallery 21.06, Ravensburg, Germany


Numerous of publications in magazines, newspapers, online blogs and magazines.


Annual 2002: md - International magazine of design ("Movie" for Interprofil - ip-design - Jab Anstoetz)  /  2005: Möbeldesign Deutschland - Die Klassiker (The Classics) (Dumont) ("Chess" for Egoform - Dieter Knoll)  /  Annual 2007: md - International magazine of design ("B flat" for Leolux)  /  Annual 2007/2008: RED DOT ("B flat" for Leolux)  /  2008: Möbeldesign Deutschland - Die Klassiker (The Classics) (Dumont) ("Chess" for Egoform - Dieter Knoll)  /  2015: 40 Berliners - Michael Wickham


​1986 - 1989: Internships and jobs as cabinet maker, metal worker, in furniture studios and in architects studios  /

1990 - 1995: Study of interior design and design at Hochschule RheinMain - University of Applied Sciences.

Graduation as interior designer and designer, dipl.-ing  /  1995 - 2002: Freelance interior designer, furniture maker and designer under the name of Andreas Reichert  /  2005 - 2006: Lectureship for the design projects at University of Applied Sciences - Hochschule RheinMain  /  2002 - 2010    Freelance designer (industrial design)  /  2010: Authorisation of my  artist name  ANDREAS BERLIN  /  Since  2010: Freelance as Andreas Berlin in the domains industrial design, interior and installation  /  2014 - 2015: Timeout as designer - time to experiment in the fields of design and art  /  2016: Start of my designer-maker collection  "ANDREAS BERLIN"

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