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Special designs  -  VASES TABLES  -  Editions 1 of 1

All tables fit together well because they have the same conceptual background. In order to reinforce the togetherness, tables can be combined with the same table tops and feet. Most tabletops are made of black glass and most feet are made of black Plexiglas. All tables are unique, which in itself is a high value.


Similar and special designs are not possible for the following reasons:


The small tables are built from vases and vessels, which were acquired in antique shops. It has been shown that the diameters at the transitions from vase to vase should be almost identical for aesthetic reasons. In addition, the vases and vessels chosen must be aesthetically pleasing to each other. These factors make it impossible to build an existing table again or something like that. Since it is already difficult, even from the now very large fund, to create good combinations, it is unfortunately not possible to use color wishes or vases supplied by the customer. I strive to create a large, attractive selection of different tables. From this selection you can choose your favorite table or combine several pieces.

Thank you for your comprehension.

7 small tables.jpg
Overview sold small tables

Examples of sold works  -  VASES TABLES  -  Editions 1 of 1

To build a same or similar looking table is not possible, but every table is a careful composed "one of a kind".

Real Wild Child II.jpg

Reale Wild Child

Candy II.jpg


This Is The One II.jpg

This Is The One

Bye Bye Badman II.jpg

Bye Bye Badman

Turn Me On I.jpg

Turn Me On

A Better Future I.jpg

A Better Future

angels fly II 1600 x 1500.jpg

Angels Fly


Where Is My Mind

brass buttons I (8).jpg

Brass Buttons

interesting drug I.jpg

Interesting Drug

L ibd I 16 x 9 - 5300.jpg

Its Been Done

Me And Armeni I.jpg

Me And Armeni

Daddy I.jpg


Let`s See I.jpg

Lets See



supergirl I 10.jpg


another place to go II.jpg

Another Place To Go

oh! hark! I (8).jpg

Oh! Hark!

tonight I 10.jpg


everyone says hi I.jpg
Made Of Stone I.jpg

Everyone Says Hi

Made Of Stone

on the floe II.jpg

On The Floe

Bis ans Ende Der Welt I.jpg

Bis ans Ende der Welt

M sucker I 1zu1 - 800 x 800.jpg


Slow Burn I.jpg

Slow Burn

Venus As A Boy I.jpg
Down To Earth II.jpg
heros IIII 10.jpg
i won`t back down I.jpg
Conversation Piece II.jpg

Venus As A Boy



I Won`t Back Down

Conversation Piece

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