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Made from vintage glass bowls. Specially developed and tailored construction for each mirror.The glass bowls are directly fixed on the wall, the mirrors are fixed by magnets.

c o n t e m p o r a r y   c o l l e c t i b l e   d e s i g n

218b III (12).jpg
137a III.jpg
Wandspigel wall mirror

Saturn 218b (sold)

260,- €  in Germany

Saturn 137a

190,- €  in Germany

Saturn 189bb

240,- € in Germany

Wandspiegel wall mirror

Saturn 218eb

260,- €  in Germany

Wandspiegel wall mirror Andrea Berlin

Saturn 218d

240,- €  in Germany

Andreas Berlin Design Art Wandspiegel

Saturn 217a

270,- €  in Germany

177e III_edited.jpg

Saturn 177e

215,- €  in Germany

Wandspiegel Art Design Berlin

Saturn 177d

250,- €  in Germany

Wandspiegel design Art Andreas Berlin mirror

Saturn 207b

270,- €  in Germany

Wandspiegel Design Art Berlin

Saturn 206b

270,- €  in Germany

Design Art Berlin

Saturn 177c

260,- €  in Germany

Design Art Berlin Andreas

Saturn 186a (sold)

250,- €  in Germany

1810a II.jpg

Saturn 1810a

250,- €  in Germany

155a light pink IIII_edited_edited.jpg

Saturn 155a light pink

190,- €  in Germany

155a amber III.jpg

Saturn 155a amber

190,- €  in Germany

155a green III.jpg

Saturn 155a green

190,- €  in Germany

155a light blue IIII.jpg

Saturn 155a light blue

190,- €  in Germany

206a III (12)_edited.jpg

Saturn 206a

220,- €  in Germany

Floating glass bowls and mirrors - invisible construction

The vintage glass bowl is easily and securely attached to the wall. A hole was drilled in the glass bowl and a metal sleeve was inserted. This allows the glass bowl to be invisibly attached to the wall with a screw and a dowel. The mirror is held magnetically and can be removed with the enclosed suction cup to clean the glass bowl.




glass bowl



metal bush

suction cup



glass bowl



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